Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,
Its rare to be attached to each other even after 50 years and that too with greater closeness. That is the case with our batchmates of '74, atleast half of whom are together since 1961. We meet together, correspond with each other and remember the great days we spent with each other.

In this whole renewed relationship there is one person, besides the school itself, who runs common amongst all of us- Mr. M.N. Kapur, our beloved principal. Somebody who never forgot our names, where we came from and what we were good at! And whats more, he never failed to inspire us to do better and better! I for one have been one of the major beneficiary of this loving and caring motivator.

On his 100th Birthday in Dec. 2010 we launched a trust by the name of M.N. Kapur Educational Foundation, the purpose of which is to support students less fortunate than us but have the talent and dedication to come up in life. We want them to know how MNK shaped our lives and many of us have volunteered to spend time with them and teach them the values MNK stood for so that they can truly become what we could call lucky MNK children!

This is the purpose of forming MNKEF. But besides that the unmentioned reason is to keep all of us close through the memory of someone who was so dear to the hearts of all of us.

I would urge everybody to contribute generously for this noble cause and help shape the future of our country in our small way. Just a small way of saying Thank You! To our school and to our beloved MNK!

With Best Wishes,
Kanwaljeet Singh Goindi


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