1. Why should I contribute?
To make a difference in the life of an economically disadvantaged child.

2. How should I contribute?
Contribution cheques should be made out in the name of "M.N Kapur Educational Foundation" and either handed over personally to any of the trustees, or posted/couriered to:

M.N Kapur Educational Foundation
C-286 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

3. What is the minimum contribution?
There is no minimum contribution. Contribute whatever you feel you can afford. Any amount is welcome and will make a difference.

4. Does the contribution have to be a lump sum?
You may make a one time lump sum contribution or you may make a recurring Annual contribution.

5. Can I remit my contribution from overseas?
At the present time we would need you to make your contribution made out by cheque issued from a Rupee account. This could be a regular account or a NRO account.

6. Is my contribution tax deductible?
We have approval for tax exemption under Section 12A and Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

7. How is the income generated to fund the sponsored students?
Most of the funds collected will be placed in a bank fixed deposit and the interest from it will be used to sponsor the education of children. Some funds will be retained in the current account to meet minimum account balance requirements and for expenses in the current year.

8. Who can contribute to the trust?
Contributions can be made by any individual, organization, any legal unincorporated or incorporated entity.

9. How do I know that my contribution is being used for the stated objective?
We will regularly publish activities of the trust on this website. In accordance with the Income Tax Laws, the trust shall be filling Income Tax returns and our books will be regularly audited.



1. How are the students you sponsor selected?

Our first student has been selected using a joint selection process with Modern School and the Modern School Trust. The process adapted was as follows:

  • Placed an Advertisement in the newspapers inviting students to apply.
  • Held written tests at Modern School.
  • Formal Interviews conducted.
  • Student finances verified.
  • Selection made.

2. What all is sponsored?
We will at the minimum sponsor the student's tuition fees. Other expenses like coaching, sporting events, extracurricular activities, nurturing of special talents, etc. may also be sponsored based on need and availability of funds.

3. What is the cost of sponsoring a child?
At the present time the cost of sponsoring a single child is approx Rs 0.8 to 1.0 Lakhs PA.



1. Is the Trust Registered?
Yes the trust is registered at the Sub Registrar's office, North District, New Delhi.
Our Registration Number is - 7211 Book no - 4 Volume - 2855.
We have also obtained a PAN number and our PAN number is AACTM7263M

2. What is your communication address?
Our communication address is C-331 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110049

3. Who are the Trustees?
The following people are the initial Principal Trustees:

Mr. Kanwaljeet Singh Goindi
Mr. Pran Katariya
Mr. Ashutosh Dayal Sharma
Ms. Rashmi Vaidialingam
Mr. Gautam Nath
Mr. Rajkamal Sharma
Mr. Anmol Taneja
Mr. Vipin Malhotra
Mr. Sanjeev Manchanda

4. What is the term of the trustees?
Trustees have been appointed for a period of 5 years.

5. Is there a process to rotate the trustees?
1/3rd of the Principal Trustees shall retire at the end of the initial term of five years, (any fraction contained in that 1/3rd being rounded off as one) and thereafter 1/3rd shall retire every year, by rotation, (any fraction contained in that 1/3rd being rounded off as one), on a FIFO (first in first out) basis.

6. Who is eligible to be a trustee?
Any modernite is eligible to be a Principal Trustee. Any person is eligible to be an Ex-officio Trustee.

7. Who are the bankers to the trust?
HDFC Bank Ltd are the bankers to the trust.

8. Who is the auditor to the trust?
Mr. Ashok Mathur, FCA has been appointed as the auditor to the trust.


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